Friday, March 23, 2012

The Miles Family

All I can say is really, how lucky am I. In my work as a photographer I get to meet amazing and beautiful people. this family was SUCH a pleasure to photograph and truly gorgeous on the inside and out, as you can plainly see.

Prue wanted something a little styled for her photos. We came up with a lot of ideas between us and in the end, well, I kind of just had a 'vision'. I found this amazing location and wow! it was like my dream had materialised. In the end I just said to Prue 'trust me' and luckily she had some faith in my idea and I am so very pleased she loved what I came up with.

I am in love with this family and these images. I am so thankful that they let me talk them into getting up super early so we could catch some gorgeous morning light. It was a great shoot and I hope these images tell a lovely story for you. Not only of the morning we had together but of the life you have. I hope in them you will have some memoreis you will treaure forever. I really hope you love them Prue and Brad.  Enjoy. xxx

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