Monday, November 21, 2011

Little Miss Ava Jay

My last post was about a gorgeous couple, Megan and Adam, with a little baby girl on the way. That little girl turned out to be little miss Ava Jay.

Ava decided not to make things easy for her mummy and daddy and got herself into a tricky position for her birth.This threw up a few hurdles for Megan and Adam, but they handled them so well, and took everything in their stride. Ava's position turned out to cause another little hiccup for herself, and her little hips. She had to wear a brace from birth. So mum and dad, had a few more little hurdles to jump over, but being ohhhh soooo in love with their GORGEOUS little girl, they hardly seemed phased at all.

When I met them again, they were dealing with her little brace like it was second nature. They both seemed very at ease and parenting seemed like second nature to them both. And just like Adam could not take his eyes of Megan in their pregnancy shoot, this time both Megan and Adam could not take their eyes of little Ava. Smitten, and oh so in love, they made such a gorgeous family. We even got some cutie patootie little smiles from Ava, they were soo cute, some of Megan and Adam's friends even ask if they were photoshopped in!! No, they weren't, just her gorgoeus little spirit shining through.

Thanks so much to the three of you for letting me into your lives to capture this gorgeous time for you. Looking at all the love you have for each other just makes my heart melt. Love to you all, 
Mel xx

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Megan and Adam {pregnancy}

Megan and Adam are a gorgeous young couple, engaged, making plans for a wedding when they had a very big surprise, they had a beautiful baby girl on the way! They were sooooo excited to be parents. It reminded me of the days when I was pregnant with my first baby, so excited, a bit apprehensive, a bit in awe of it all.  Adam and Megan were so in love and I think it shows. Adam found it pretty hard to rip his eyes away from Megan the entire time. They were both glowing in anticipation of being new parents.

Apart from all the love, the other thing that made my day was the teddy. Ok so to anyone it might just be a teddy, but I found it so wonderful when Megan told me that as children they had both had the exact same teddy as their special toy!! how meant to be were these two?? too cute.

The session was a generous gift from Adam's mum, which I thought was such a beautiful gesture from an eager grandmother.It is such a magical time and I am so pleased to have been able to capture it for them.

We went to one of my favourite spots for shooting (thanks Amy!!) and it was magical, it was such a beautiful day and we had some beautiful scenery and gorgeous light. We even had a little baby lamb to play with, which just added a sense of the joy of a new baby. It was pretty cute and would not leave our sides for the whole shoot!!

I had the pleasure of photographing their new little girl a few weeks after this shoot but we will save that for another time....

Thanks Megan and Adam, it was such a pleasure. xxx

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Felicity and Rob

I remember answering my phone the first time I spoke to Felicity. The thing that struck me most about her was her warmth and enthusiasm. We chatted on the phone and we had an instant connection. I knew I wanted to photograph the wedding for her and Rob and I am so very, very grateful that I was chosen to document their special day.

Felicity told me that the wedding was on a wednesday night. Mmmmm, ok, a bit unusual I thought, but some people just like to break from tradition. But I couldn't have know how sentimental and beautiful the reasoning behind that wednesday night ceremony was. In fact these two had been together for ten years. They have a gorgeous ( and I do really mean gorgeous!) 7 year old, Harrison. He and dad had proposed at home to Felicity. It was where they also wanted their wedding to be, to demonstrate their strong family bond. They had decided the date would be the tenth anniversary of their very first kiss!!! How lovely is that?!

They also have a doggy called Felix. This puppy is like their second child. He is very much loved. He goes to work with Felicity and Rob, he is a big sook and brings you toys, soft toys that most dogs would chew up, when you come to visit!! They wanted Felix to also be part of their day. He was very excited, and a bit sad that he had to stay in his little fenced in area for some of the day.

The day was spent with the family getting ready together, walking down the aisle together and sharing the ceremony as a family. It was so touching. I almost cried in a few spots! This gorgeous fun couple wanted me to capture the joy and the essence of the day and I hope I did that for them. It was not hard, because this is a family so obviously full of love for each other, and for life. A family with a "laugh yourself silly" canvas in a their kitchen is a family you want to be around. So thankyou all of you for sharing your day with me, it means so much. xx