Saturday, November 12, 2011

Megan and Adam {pregnancy}

Megan and Adam are a gorgeous young couple, engaged, making plans for a wedding when they had a very big surprise, they had a beautiful baby girl on the way! They were sooooo excited to be parents. It reminded me of the days when I was pregnant with my first baby, so excited, a bit apprehensive, a bit in awe of it all.  Adam and Megan were so in love and I think it shows. Adam found it pretty hard to rip his eyes away from Megan the entire time. They were both glowing in anticipation of being new parents.

Apart from all the love, the other thing that made my day was the teddy. Ok so to anyone it might just be a teddy, but I found it so wonderful when Megan told me that as children they had both had the exact same teddy as their special toy!! how meant to be were these two?? too cute.

The session was a generous gift from Adam's mum, which I thought was such a beautiful gesture from an eager grandmother.It is such a magical time and I am so pleased to have been able to capture it for them.

We went to one of my favourite spots for shooting (thanks Amy!!) and it was magical, it was such a beautiful day and we had some beautiful scenery and gorgeous light. We even had a little baby lamb to play with, which just added a sense of the joy of a new baby. It was pretty cute and would not leave our sides for the whole shoot!!

I had the pleasure of photographing their new little girl a few weeks after this shoot but we will save that for another time....

Thanks Megan and Adam, it was such a pleasure. xxx

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