Monday, November 21, 2011

Little Miss Ava Jay

My last post was about a gorgeous couple, Megan and Adam, with a little baby girl on the way. That little girl turned out to be little miss Ava Jay.

Ava decided not to make things easy for her mummy and daddy and got herself into a tricky position for her birth.This threw up a few hurdles for Megan and Adam, but they handled them so well, and took everything in their stride. Ava's position turned out to cause another little hiccup for herself, and her little hips. She had to wear a brace from birth. So mum and dad, had a few more little hurdles to jump over, but being ohhhh soooo in love with their GORGEOUS little girl, they hardly seemed phased at all.

When I met them again, they were dealing with her little brace like it was second nature. They both seemed very at ease and parenting seemed like second nature to them both. And just like Adam could not take his eyes of Megan in their pregnancy shoot, this time both Megan and Adam could not take their eyes of little Ava. Smitten, and oh so in love, they made such a gorgeous family. We even got some cutie patootie little smiles from Ava, they were soo cute, some of Megan and Adam's friends even ask if they were photoshopped in!! No, they weren't, just her gorgoeus little spirit shining through.

Thanks so much to the three of you for letting me into your lives to capture this gorgeous time for you. Looking at all the love you have for each other just makes my heart melt. Love to you all, 
Mel xx

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  1. Thank you do much for your beautiful words, and photos! We were so lucky to have you capture some precious moments of our baby girl. All our love Megan, Adam and Ava xxx