Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Mason Family

Many moons ago I asked Mandy if she would pose for me when pregnant with her number one man, Aiden. She generously obliged and even got me back to do some shots of Aiden when he was born. Now they have a new little beauty to add to their family, little bright eyed Jess. Such a delicate and special little girl.

She was a little mischevious on the day of the shoot and just would not sleep for us so I did a return shoot at their home to see if we could get some sneaky sleepy shots of this little monkey. We decided not to disrupt her too much, just in case! What a serene little girl, and when awake...those big eyes. Think you've got a cheeky one on your hands there guys!!

It was a pleasure to see you again and see how much Aiden has grown, into not only, sure to be an amazing big brother, but possibly (with the face down the blog) an awesome rock star too!!

Mel xx

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